SUP Yoga


One hour SUP yoga and mindfulness – Tranquil, spiritual, zen. Enjoy a gentle yoga practice whilst feeling the movement of the ocean beneath you. A truly peaceful way to practice yoga. No previous yoga or paddleboarding experience required. Cost: €35 for 1 hour
Two hour SUP yoga and mindfulness – A unique two hour SUP yoga experience which begins with you paddling to a quiet, peaceful bay. Here you drop anchor and begin your yoga session; truly exercising mind and body in nature’s tranquil beauty. No previous yoga or paddleboarding experience required. Cost: €50 for 2 hours

What you need to know:

No previous experience required but you must be able to swim.
Suitable for all ages.
Boards and paddles provided. We’ve been paddling in shorts and bikinis well into December so no need for wetsuits. Life jackets are available on request.
Please bring: swimwear or lightweight sportswear (that you don’t mind getting wet), towel, water, high factor suncream.
Optional: hat/cap, sunglasses (we have sunglass straps available for sale to avoid you losing your favourite pair).
We will start the session with brief tuition on the beach then continue with instruction on the water. We aim to have you up and standing soon after. With all of our activities we will agree to meet you at a certain time and at a location best suited for the day.
If you wish to customise your trip and gain a more personalised experience please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat.

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