To be honest, I wasn’t too sure of what I was going to make of Ibiza … It was the last stop of a two month European tour and my first visit to the island. I’d heard a lot about the clubs and the party scene and, although I like a night out, my job had involved a lot of entertaining, so in my free time I wasn’t always ‘mad for it’.  Arriving on the ferry that first time it was still dark so I drove Bruce, my beloved VW camper, to the North East of the island for sunrise. The beach was empty and as the sun began to rise I ran into the sea.

Lying in the warm, crystal clear water watching the sun illuminate the intricate coastline was magical. Ibiza is like that; magical… whether it’s the beauty of the island or the friendliness of the people, I’ve never felt such energy in any other place. It’s an island that invokes a desire to properly live life and experience the riches that we’ve been given on earth. I know that may sound a little rainbow but it’s genuinely true. Being here makes you want to get out into nature; go for a walk, get on a bike or dive into the water.

Having worked in the City of London as a money broker for 15 years, there came a point when I was ready to make my daydreams a reality and embrace living a life I am truly passionate about. Taking the leap, I travelled, surfed, met inspiring people and discovered a deep love for stand up paddle boarding.  It wasn’t until I arrived on Ibiza that first time and experienced paddling over the incredible colours of the water, that I realised I had found what I wanted to commit to doing, and where.

Three years on, Paddle Ibiza is a happily evolving team, and I continually learn more about the island and how to share and enjoy its history and gifts from the perspective of the water and its coastline – not to mention its other myriad aspects!

Taking people out on the water is a new experience every time – the tranquility, freedom and fun is something everyone can appreciate and participate in – and it’s inspiring to engage with the variety of people, sharing an adventure and encouraging their enthusiasm and improvement in the sport. It is also good to be getting involved in island life and giving back to a unique place that we all share a love for, bringing SUPing into the mix in creative ways that embody the spirit of this special place.

All the satisfying feedback from enthusiastic clients is proof and incentive to continue bringing SUPing into peoples lives here as we do, whether it’s with local residents, as an experience whilst on holiday or to fully immerse and take home when you leave Ibiza and continue enjoying it on river, lake and sea.

Our qualifications include St John Ambulance Sports First Aid, SUP Instructor Water Safety Rescue, ASI Level 1 Enclosed Water SUP Instructor and ASI Level 2 Exposed Water SUP instructor. ASI is the internationally recognised Academy of Surfing Instructors which also cover training of SUP instructors.

A bit more about Stand Up Paddleboarding and Us

SUP is said to have begun in the 1940/50s in the South Pacific. Some say it began when the Waikiki beach boys took a paddle out with their longboards, to get the earliest glimpse of the oncoming swell and keep better watch on their surf class. Others say it was to take photos of the surf tourists… We think it probably began eons ago in ancient waters when people decided to see where a simply hewn paddle and board might take them. It still feels like a timeless way to travel and plug into the clear sparkle of simple adventure. Whatever the origins it wasn’t until around the turn of the century that the sport really began to take off. Since then it has quickly become one of the fastest growing sports of the millennia.

Part of paddleboarding’s success is its accessibility – it’s easier to learn than wind/kite surfing and not as scary as surfing whilst still providing that amazing fitness and adrenaline rush. A low impact exercise, it’s easy on your joints and provides a total core and cardiovascular workout. We equally embrace paddle boarding as a way to connect to oneself in nature, giving ourselves a moment to simply breath and take it all in.

Loving the ocean and its wildlife means helping to protect it all is high on Paddle Ibiza’s agenda. We ask all of our friends and clients to join us in our efforts to keep the waters clean and any litter found, when out on the board, is always returned to it’s rightful place – the bin.

We have the best quality equipment from one of the most innovative brands around – Red Paddle Co. We use inflatable boards over the ‘hard’ board as we believe they offer the same rigidity but with more comfort, whilst causing less damage to the coastline should any accidental collision take place.